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MPEB Jabalpur Contractor Registration

MPPKVVCL Contracors (MP) Licence

1. Guidelines for vendor registration for all projects/schemes/works under supervision
in MPPKVVCL Jabalpur
The registration of vendor is a system to form a group of vendors having prequalification signifying the
capability of a vendor to supply specified materials for all projects/schemes/works under
supervision through turnkey contractors.
1.1. Policy
(a) Registration is applicable for manufacturers only;
(b) Vendors in any project of the MPPKVVCL has to be registered in single window system for
supplying equipment/materials in projects/schemes/works under supervision charges;
(c) Turnkey contractors /empanelled contractors/A-class contractors executing works under
supervision charges has to procure equipment/materials from these approved vendors;
(d) The MPPKVVCL shall have right to debar any of the vendors based on its performance. 1.2. Objective
The aim of registration process is to facilitate timely facilitation of equipment& materials by the vendors
and to reduce time and cost overruns in submission of same documents repeatedly by the Vendors. This
process can be adopted for all the projects/schemes/works under supervision. In order to ensure the
quality assurance and to maintain the uniformity among all the projects, procedure for vendor approval
is here under:
1.3. Minimum eligibility criteria for vendor approval
Vendors should fulfil following eligibility criteria for participating in vendor registration procedure:-
(a) The vendor must be a manufacturer;
(b) The vendor has to submit Type test report from any NABL accredited lab, which should not be
more than 5 years old as on date of submission of documents;
(c) The vendor must have supplied minimum quantity to SEBs/Power utilities/any project through
turnkey contractors in Discom of MP as indicated below during the last three years:-
SN Description Unit No. SN Description Unit No.
1. Power Transformer No. 10 2. 11KV/33 kV CT PT
(metering unit) No. 200
3. Distribution
transformer 25 KVA
& above 11/.4 KV
No. 1000 4. 3 ph. 4 wire 3×240 volts
LTCT meter/ 40-200 A Static
(Electronic) Energy Meter of
Class-1.0 accuracy.
No. 5,000
5. AAA/ACSR Rabbit
Km 2200 6. LT 3 ph. 4 wire Static whole
current direct Meter of ClassNo. 50,00
Panther Conductor I accuracy with LPR /
Infrared/ optical
communication port.
7. 9KV/27 kV Polymer
Lightning Arrestor
No. 3000 8. LT single ph. 2 wire Static
whole current Meter of
Class-I accuracy with
communication port.
No. 1.00
9. 11KV/33 kV Polymer
Disc Insulator
No. 7500 10. AB Cable 95, 50, 25 and 16 with bare /insulated
carrier wire.
Km 1000
11. 11KV/33 kV
Composite Polymer
pin Insulator
No. 30000 12. Deep drawn LT pole
mounted distribution box for
service connection (Single
phase/Three Phase)
No. 1000
13. PVC Cable
d twin Core 2.5
Km 100 14. LT pole mounted distribution
box for service connection
(Single phase/Three Phase)
No. 10000
15. PVC Cable
d twin Core 4.0
Km 100 16. Accessories
(Clamps/connectors) suitable
for AB Cables
No. 10000
17. PCC Pole 140 kg/280
kG, 8 Meter/9.1
meter long
No. 10,00
18. 3 phase 4 wire, 3×63.5 Volt –
/5 A HT static energy meter
No. 5,000
19. 11KV/33 kV VCB No. 200 20. 11 kV/33 kV CTs No. 600
21. LT Protection cum
Distribution box for
different rating of
No. 500 22. 11 kV/33 kV PTs No. 600
23. 11 kV / 33 kV
No. 1,000 24. 11 kV/ 33 kV AB switches No. 1,000
25. 11 kV Polymer DO
fuse set
Set 1,000 26. 11 kV/33 kV HT XLPE
Km 1,000
27. Steel Section/H
Beam/RS Joist
MT 50 28. 11kV/ 33 kV Strain
No. 7,500
29. 11KV/33 kV Control
panel with relay for
feeder protection
No. 100 30. Fabricated Materials MT 50
31. 11KV600/1200/1500
KVAR set of
complete Capacitor
Set 100 32. ISI marked, LED self
ballasted Lamps (retrofit)
No. 10000
33. GS Stay set (16mm &
MT 50 34. GI Stay wires (7/2.5mm,
7/3.15mm & 7/4.0 mm)
MT 50
35. Earthing Pipe ( made
of ISI Marked B class
GI pipe)
No. 5000 36. Earthing coil (Hot Dip
No. 5000
1.4. Registration Procedure
(a) The vendor has to apply online for registration through MPPKVVCL website,
The procedures for the online registration are as following.
(b) In online process, vendor has to apply in prescribed “Vendor Registration format” (Annexure- 1)
available at website.
(c) A processing fees for new /existing (already approved) vendors has to be deposited through
Demand Draft in favour of Sr. AO (JC), MPPKVVCL Jabalpur payable at Jabalpur. Vendor shall
submit the application/vendor registration format along with Registration fees.
(d) Scan copy of Demand Draft has to be up loaded along with other documents on line & Demand
Draft in Original shall be sent to the o/o CGM(Works),7 Block, 3
rd Floor Shakti Bhavan, Rampur
Jabalpur Pin-482002
(e) All the documents has to be self-attested with company seal by the vendors.
(f) Factory inspection of manufacturer may be carried out by the representative of the Employer, if
(g) After successful evaluation of the documents, the registration certificate of empanelment shall be
issued by CGM (works)/QCMM cell and shall be enlisted on website
(h) The registration certificate is valid for 3 years from the date of issue.
(i) Renewal of registration may be done by depositing renewal processing fees on the basis of