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Mineral Resources Services


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Mineral resources plays a very important role in the industrial development of the State. In the terms of mineral availability Madhya Pradesh is the fourth mineral prosperous state of the Nation. According to the development needs the demand of minerals increases together with industrial development. Continuous work is being done by Mineral resources Department through conservation, exploration and continuous monitoring on exploitation of minerals under the Rules valid by the Law. Exploitation of some minerals is also being carried out by Madhya Pradesh Mining Corporation, which is constituted under the Mineral Resources Department. The tasks being operated by the Department are increasing the State fiscal revenue continuously and paths are also being paved for discovery of new mineral deposits. Up to the year 2013 – 14, The Mineral revenue of Rs. 1721.95 Crore has been collected in the State Fund.

1.1 Departmental Structure and subservient offices

The Directorate of Geology and Mining, Madhya Pradesh, and the Madhya Pradesh State Mining Corporation as a public sector enterprise are working under the Mineral Resources Department. Headquarters of Directorate of geology and Mining is situated at Bhopal. Four regional offices at Jabalpur, Indore, Rewa, Gwalior and a Diamond office is situated at Panna under the Department. In all the 50 districts Mining Branches are working under the direction of Collectors. and a departmental chemistry Lab is working under the Regional office Jabalpur. Headquarters of Madhya Pradesh State Mining Corporation is situated at Bhopal. 13 subservient offices are situated at Jabalpur, Katni, Mandla, Sagar, Tikamgarh, Hoshangabad, Harda, Satna, Dhar, Jhabua, Morena, Shivpuri, Dabra (Gwalior) under the Corporation.

1.2 Responsibilities of the Department and General Information relating to the Department

As on the situation of 01/01/2014, out of 841 total sanctioned posts 570 positions are filled and remaining 271 are vacant in the Department for Mineral exploration and administrative works under the Directorate of Geology and Mining which is working under the Mineral Resources Department. The responsibilities being fulfilled by the department are as follows:

  • Mineral Exploration
  • Mining Administration

Mineral Exploration

Technical staff of the Department such as Deputy Director (Technical), Assistant Geologist and other Technical and non technical staff is engaged in the task of Mineral Exploration. Lay out plan for departmental exploration is laid down by State Geological Board. Exploration agencies of Central Government that are working in the State such as Geological Survey of India, Indian Bureau of Mining, Coal India Limited, Mineral Exploration Corporation, and other government departments and undertakings are the members of this Board. 47th meeting of State Geologist Board was held on 29/09/2013 in the chairmanship of Secretary, Madhya Pradesh Mineral Resources Department. Leading companies who are investing in mining sector and educationists had also been invited in the meeting. The regional program which is related to survey and prospecting of different minerals to be done in the year 2013-14 by Directorate of Geology and Mining and other Central enterprises has unanimously been approved by all the members. The report on mineral reserves estimated by the Department is made available to general public after depositing the prescribed fees. Details of achievements and exploration work which have been done in last five years (2007-08 to 2011-12) are shown in attached Appendix -“ख” – One, and Appendix – 1 section – Two.

Mining Administration

Under the mining administration, the control on mineral exploitation according to the rules, disposal of new application and the regulation of approved mineral relaxations in the State is done by the staff posted in various offices of the Department. To more strengthen the mining administration, ‘Khanij Bhawan’ is being constructed at district level in the Department. In 27 districts, District offices are being operated after the completion of construction work of Khanij Bhawan so far. In 18 districts the construction work is in progress. In 2 districts (Hoshangabad and Guna) would be constructed jointly with new Collector offices. And in remaining 3 districts process of Land selection for building construction is in progress.

1.3 Responsibilities of the Department and General Information relating to the Department

In the terms of mineral prosperity the State is one of the 8 mineral affluent states of the nation. Currently 20 kinds of minerals are being produced in the State. Along with having monopoly in diamond production in the Country, the State has also got first position in Manganese, Pyrophyllite and Copper ore production. In addition the State possesses the second position in production of Diaspore, Rock – Phosphate, Shell and Fire Clay and Third position in the production of Limestone and Ocher. The State has fourth position in Coal production in National scenario.