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Fire (NOC )Licence

Madhya Pradesh Fire License

Fee Rs.5000/-

Fire license ensures that businesses are carried out as per the Fire and Rescue Service regulations and that all necessary fire and safety precautions are made according to the same. The procedure to obtain the fire license varies from state to state. In this article, we look at the procedure of obtaining Madhya Pradesh Fire License.

Fire No Objection Certificate (NOC)

The applicant should acquire fire no objection certificate (noc) to apply for the fire license. The Fire Officer issues the Fire NOC for Madhya Pradesh Fire License under Madhya Pradesh Land Development Rules. The applicant should comply with the provisions of fire safety measures contained in National Building Court rules. The builder or the owner of the premises is responsible for applying for the fire no objection certificate (NOC) and should comply with all fire safety guidelines before approaching the Fire Officer for the same. It is mandatory that the building work carried out should be covered by the license.

Land Development Rules, 2012

The Urban Local Bodies under the Madhya Pradesh Municipal Corporation Act, 1956 are responsible for the fire services. Under the provision in Land Development Act of the State Government, the buildings having a height of 12.5 meters or more should install the fire-fighting system as prescribed in the National Building Court rules.
The Commissioner or the Additional Commissioner Urban Development is the designated State Fire Authority (SFA) to ensure the fire equipment installation in the buildings as per the National Building Court norms.

Documents Required

The following documents should be enclosed with the application form to obtain Fire NOC for Madhya Pradesh Fire License.

1. Two sets of fire plans, elevation plan, and section plan of the building.
2. Photocopy of ownership title (Lease/Conveyance/Sale Deed or Khasra, etc.)
3. Approved layout plan and order copy for each floor by the competent authority.
4. Approved building plan & order / copy of Gram Panchayat NOC.
5. Service plan & parking and circulation plan.
6. Check List (53 Points) certified by the fire consultant and the applicant.
7. Qualification certificate of fire consultant if not mentioned on the Department website.


Based on the fire plan, layout plan and building permissions granted by the Urban Local Bodies or Gram Panchayats, the State Fire Authority issues the provisional fire NOCs on condition without mentioning the validity period. The applicant should inform the authority after the installation of the firefighting equipment in the building. After due verification, the State Fire Authority will issue the temporary No Objection Certificate (NOC) and license for occupation.

Government Fees

The fee for the issuance of Madhya Pradesh Fire License does not have a fixed uniform fee. The fee differs based on the industrial unit established. The charges vary from Rs. 2000 to Rs.1oooo for each unit. The fee for the renewal of NOC is similar to the fee of Fresh NOC.

Processing Time

Timeline to issue the approval of Temporary or Provisional NOC for the building is 60 days from the submission of application with required documents. The processing time for the renewal of NOC is 30 days.

Application Procedure

The applicant can apply online or offline to obtain Fire NOC for Madhya Pradesh Fire License.